Adobe Reader 10 – Adobe Reader 9 Download Free

Adobe Reader 9.0 and Adobe Reader 10 Download Free

  • DoPDF Softwear (free make pdf)


    DoPDF Software to convert html to pdf files can be read and keep them in your machine without reference to the original web page ..

    DoPDF is a program of the finest programs that convert files to pdf. You can create PDF files easily ..

    DoPDF  You can convert web pages (HTML) to the book pdf free Download  window now and whenever you want without reference to the original web page.

    This program can also convert.. Word files and Excel and PowerPoint and websites files to pdf.

    DoPDF have a many languages ​​..

    DoPDF not consume too much memory and processor, the device .. Other programs such as the conversion.. And works on all Windows Systems 32-bit and 64-bit.

    . The program works as a printer in a fake device (Printer For PDF Files) and then open it converts anything to a pdf file


    Download Free PDF Maker  DoPDF


    How it works

    1-    Download a program

    2-    Install it

    3-    After install , open any file Word Excel web page (html) and press Ctrl + P or file and (print)

    4-    Select from Print Name ( doPDF )

    5-    Than press ok


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